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July 25, 2022

17 Overcoming FOMO by Grieving Paths Not Taken - Ti0

17 Overcoming FOMO by Grieving Paths Not Taken - Ti0

Is FOMO (fear of missing out) keeping you stuck in indecision? Then this is the perfect episode for you.

This week I am collaborating with my good friend Ti0 for Heal with Sushil and The Infinite Zero Experience. We spoke about FOMO, doubt, indecision, analysis paralysis, and regret, by grieving lost paths.


(00:00) Intro

(02:51) What does a consciousness development facilitator do?

(05:41) Why doesn't Consciousness Development work for everyone?

(09:59) Nostalgia is the greatest enemy of consciousness

(11:42) The only way to overcome suffering is to face it

(13:50) How to gradually let go of crutches

(16:17) Coping mechanisms and codependent therapist relationships

(20:52) FOMO and Grieving Lost Paths

(24:49) FOMO amplification due to too many choices

(27:07) There is no best path. How can you make the chosen path great?

(33:37) Parenting your inner child: A gateway towards better decision making

(35:18) Pets can be great mirrors

(39:05) A world beyond mistakes

(41:15) How can you grieve paths not taken

(47:48) One small change to improve your life

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