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June 13, 2022

11 Working Through Shame and Saying Yes When Your Heart Says Yes | Helena Roth

11 Working Through Shame and Saying Yes When Your Heart Says Yes | Helena Roth

How does shame impact you? Does it help you do the right thing or does it keep you from doing things that you love?

Helena Roth, a community builder, podcaster, and writer joins me in this episode and we talk about Shame and our relationship with shame. We also explore healthy and unhealthy shame, cultural aspects, and the right setting to explore shame.


(00:00) Intro

(02:06) What is Tankespjärn?

(05:40) Why is it hard to talk about shame?

(07:38) What is the right setting to explore shame?

(10.42) How does shame vary by culture?

(16:09) Saying ‘yes’ when I am a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ when I am a ‘no’

(18:45) How can someone start exploring shame?

(19:52) Making room to explore repressed parts with curiosity

(22:50) Internal and external Shame. Can shame be a healthy emotion?

(26:46) Less punishment more rehabilitation

(29:43) Nobody died. A great way to look at most things in life.

(33:20) One Tiny Change to Improve Your Life Each Day

People Mentioned

Brene Brown

Marcela Widrig


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Helena Roth

Agent of Change

Helena Roth would not be where she is today if she hadn’t learned how to be and do gentle towards herself. Engaged in a variety of assignments and endeavors she is an agent of change at heart who strives to make a positive imprint on whatever she does.

A resident of Malmö, Sweden, playfully seeking out adventures, in summer she’s found with fingers deep in the soil of her garden, in winter braving the cold, skinny dipping in the ocean.